Selection of many Sets & Productions of the different artists that collaborated into de Música Nómada project. Big Up all of them. Listen and feel the message through the frequencies in this journey.


Health And Education – Techno Prescription NOV24th2019 Madrid. Ciclo de Sound System at Khitai Club.

Marcos F. [Blöck] Vinyl Set.

Aikus [Enter, Vnderstand Records, Techno Experience]

DNBRoom [Streaming project]

Drybass x Priveyt [Música Nómada] – DnBRoom 01 OCT24th2018.

Dlax [Kripton Industries, Syhda Music] – DnBRoom 02/DDUS – Kripton Industries OCT26th2018 at Ya’sta Club. 

No Sound Restriction – Dub Engine JUN21th2019

Ruben G [Mad Bass] Jungle Set.

Dub Engine [ODG PROD] Live Set.

No Sound Restriction – Mahom MAR23th2019

Iggi Dub [Iggi Sound System] Live Set.

Love And Bass [Música Nómada] B2B Loop Stepwalker [Methlab, PRSPCT] 

Drum And Bass Day MAR9th2019 Madrid at CSA La Tabacalera.

Banners [Kripton Industries]

Infamous [Melting Pot]

Drybass [Música Nómada, Love And Bass, DNBRoom]

Fnkbstrd [Kodama’z] Vinyl Set.

Ruben G [Mad Bass]

Maryellow [Kodama’z]

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